Welcome to Crossing Point Counseling. Crossing Point Counseling integrates a variety of holistic therapy approaches to empower clients toward health and transformation in their lives.

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Crossing Point Counseling is a shared office for three private therapists:

Amber Kilkenny, MSW, LCSW   828.243.8347

Cynthia Shealy, MSW, LCSW, RYT  828.505.6946

Jenny Shealy, LCSW, CST  828.279.5369

What is a Crossing Point?

The phrase Crossing Point comes from the artist, MC Richards.  She describes the Crossing Point as the place where the plant sinks deep roots while continuing to grow upwards, trusting and reaching towards the unknown. The crossing point is a threshold - a point for both growing inward and outward.  The crossing point embodies our approach to therapy. 

As we experience our crossing point we learn: 

How to be okay with the unknown,
How to move beyond feeling stuck,
How to trust the innate wisdom and knowledge we carry within us, and
How to grow into our whole selves. 

Crossing Point Counseling | 67 Charlotte Street | Asheville, NC